Magnetic Particle Systems


Need to move parts efficiently through the manufacturing process? Testing requirements holding you up? We can help. The same attention to detail we place in building our eddy current and liquid penetrant systems can also produce just the right magnetic particle testing system for your plant.

One part or thousands of parts. Simple geometry or complex shapes. We have the expertise to build, install and setup the right system at the right price.

Design a System

  • What is the shape of the part?
  • Is there a test standard available?
  • Has a procedure been developed?
  • Are you looking for surface flaws or surface and sub-surface flaws?
  • How many parts per day do you need tested?
  • Do you need to meet a particular specification?
  • Are the parts sensitive to water?
  • Must the parts be demagnetized?
  • What is the smallest flaw to be detected?
  • Do you have environmental concerns?
  • Are the parts handled by hand?

Be sure to check our Systems list as well for quality used Magnetic Particle Systems. We also stock portable kits and supplies for magnetic particle inspections.


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