Liquid Penetrant Equipment

Fluorescent penetrant inspection is a simple, reliable, and economical non-destructive test method used to locate and identify surface discontinuities in all metal and many non-metallic parts.

ITI Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Systems are manufactured to meet the customer's individual specifications and needs. Modular components allow flexibility in layout and maximizing of floor space. All tanks are made with stainless steel on powder coated frames and fit together as a turnkey system. Below are some examples of systems and modules.

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     System Modules

  • Penetrant Application
  • Rinse
  • Dryer Station
  • Dry Developer

      System Detail

     Features and Options

  • Roller Grilles
  • Immersion Grilles
  • Counter Balanced Doors
  • Powder Coated Frames

  • Digital Thermostats
  • Pressure/Temperature Gauges
  • Custom Colors
  • Spraying Systems
We carry a full line of Penetrant Supplies and Accessories.  We stock Portable Visible and Fluorescent Penetrant Kits and  penetrant accessories and materials for shipment all over the world.

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